From Longford to ‘Brooklyn’

Paul Gurney

By Aoife Carberry

Nominated for three Academy Awards, the 2015 film ‘Brooklyn’ was a resounding success worldwide.

A touching and, at times, heartbreaking, screen adaptation of Colm Tóibín’s acclaimed novel, ‘Brooklyn’ is set in the 1950s and follows Eilis Lacey as she leaves her home in Enniscorthy for a new life in the States. The era was perfectly captured by the characters, but the scene was largely set by a memorable soundtrack, which had a strong Longford influence.

Equally renowned for his skills as a musician and producer, Paul Gurney of Real World Studios jumped at the chance to contribute to the traditional soundtrack. Paul explained that he joined a number of other musicians in Temple Lane studios in Dublin to record a few tracks, before revealing that he missed his chance to star onscreen due to a prior commitment.

“I got a standin,” he laughed.

The first film project of this magnitude that Paul has taken on, he said he was ‘thrilled’ with how it turned out before concluding; “I’d love to do the real score music for a movie. I’d love that. Maybe someday!”