The Little Blue Room – Longford’s Newest Live Venue

The live music and performance scene in Longford has received a significant recent shot of energy and enthusiasm with the establishment of the Little Blue Room.

The intimate venue in John Brown’s Bar Market Square hosts theatre performances, spoken work events, and music performance of many different genres – often on the same night! This combination of creative performances spark a frisson of energy and excitement that is amplified by the intimate setting.

According to founder and joint organiser Shane Crossan; “we are still programming our calendar of events we try to keep things as loose and informal as possible but we are looking for local musicians and groups from blues to pop to folk and trad. We would also love to hear from small theatre groups writers and the odd comic.”

An innovative dimension of the Little Blue Room Project is the recording of a TV programme. Again, Shane Crossan tells us that;” we are going to make a TV programme called The Little Blue Room Sessions. We are going to take three songs from the headline act and three songs from the support act and knot them together with interviews.”

The Little Blue Room gigs will be every fortnight and if you would like more information on performing at the venue or just attending events check out the Little Blue Room on Facebook

Some Live Performances at The Little Blue Room

Blues Confidential

The Caseys

Arrow in the Sky

Fiona Maria Fitzpatrick

Tommy Igoe

Wayne Molloy

The New Breadwinners