Students by day – rock stars by night

By Aoife Carberry


Performing at the renowned Marquee in Drumlish festival and joining the line-up of the annual Young Rockers Vibe for Phil Lynott commemoration event… it’s all in a day’s work for Longford band Reprisal.

Never mind the fact that all three band members are still in school.

Friends from a young age, fifth year students Jonathan Reilly (guitar/vocals), Aidan Gray (bass/vocals) and Kian Johnston (drums) have been together as a band for less than two years, but they have already made a big impact.

They’ve been touring around the country, playing at intimate gigs, large festivals and everything in between. Though for the trio, a major highlight came in December at the Fence, Mullingar, when they supported the Strypes.

“It was the best gig yet,” grinned Jonathan. Invited by Bressie to play at the gig, it was yet another note on the group’s already impressive CV. “It was class, there was a great crowd at it.”

It also proved to be a great learning curve for them, as Jonathan revealed; “We watch bands we like and we study the way they look, the way they jump about and interact with the crowd.”

“Even when you’re supporting other bands in the flesh,” Kian said, “You can hear a different bass tune or some new drum sounds and you take notes.”

The band have also been putting pen to paper to write their own original material, some of which has already been aired on the stage – to great acclaim. They’ve been recording with Mike O’Dowd at Lakeland Studio in Glasson, an experience which they love.

“Studio time is always fun, because we’re still a small band starting up,” Kian explained. “We’re learning so much.”

Though it’s another cause for praise, their age is something which they feel can sometimes hold them back, as Aidan admitted; “It’s not nice not being able to stay after a gig”, but it’s a small matter compared to the enjoyment they get from performing.

“We always enjoy being on stage,” Kian added.

Though they are remaining tight-lipped about future gigs, one gets the feeling that the best is yet to come from this midlands band.

To keep up to date with the band, visit the Reprisal Facebook page.